Ghazal Qadri

Ghazal Qadri

A Voice in Illustration, Painting Stories from Conflict to Mundanity

Ghazal Qadri, a Kashmiri-born illustrator and celebrated cartoonist, translates lived experiences into compelling art. Graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, her unique approach to illustration evolves from transforming even mundane moments into relatable narratives, often reflecting her unique perspective as a Muslim woman growing up in a conflict zone.

Her work ranges from daily comics, which candidly depict her real-life situations, to richly-detailed illustrations for books and digital products. Ghazal’s efforts extend beyond personal expression to include a significant cultural aspect: preserving and celebrating the Kashmiri culture to amplify her people’s voices.

Ghazal’s exceptional talent and distinctive storytelling style have attracted a diverse client portfolio, including UNICEF, Paytm, Crescent Health, Georgia Voter Muslim Project, among many others. Moreover, her innovative Kashmiri Whatsapp stickers have earned immense popularity on social media, solidifying her status as one of Kashmir’s most successful and well-loved illustrators.

As a member of ‘Illustrators for Hire,’ Ghazal continues to create poignant visuals that connect, engage, and inspire, making her an invaluable asset to Malbachi’s diverse roster of artists.