Mari Joy 

Mari Joy 

An Evocative Voice in Contemporary Theater and Film

Mari Joy Asiado, an inspiring talent from Manila now making waves in Chicago, is an accomplished actress with a rich portfolio of diverse and compelling roles. A recent graduate with a BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University, Mari has already distinguished herself in both theater and film.

Her theatrical journey boasts leading roles such as the vibrant Lark in MESTIZA or MIXED at Plan-B Theatre—a company known for its progressive and inclusive works—and as the Narrator in the deeply moving Every Brilliant Thing with Vicariously Staged Productions. Her performance in Every Brilliant Thing explored themes of mental health with sensitivity and grace, resonating deeply with audiences.

In film, Mari shined as Erica in Poolside Inn, a standout short that made its mark at the prestigious Palm Springs International ShortFest, highlighting her versatility and emotional depth. This role, along with her work in the upcoming pilot centered on a queer Asian kid who starts a food truck, showcases her commitment to telling stories that amplify diverse voices and experiences.

Off the screen and stage, Mari is a creative spirit who enjoys capturing moments through photography, nurturing her plants, and exploring culinary delights. Her artistry, deeply influenced by her Filipino heritage and the trailblazing women of color who have paved her path, continues to engage and inspire a broad audience across mediums.