Rene Saheb

Rene Saheb

Rene Saheb: A Multifaceted Artist Crafting Narratives of Cultural Exchange and Social Understanding Through Her Work.

Rene’s educational journey in art commenced with an associate degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from the University of Science and Culture in Iran, later blossoming with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Design from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, in 2010. She further honed her business acumen with an MBA from Bahar Business School of Iran in 2017.

Art, for Rene, is a lens through which she explores the present moment, the intricate space of existence. Drawing inspiration from her diverse global experiences, her artistry fosters discourse on cultural exchange, often unveiling social misunderstandings between cultures and a cultivated mind’s conscious and unconscious facets. Additionally, her creations give voice to the social and political intricacies of her native Iran, intending to evoke empathy and a wider global perspective among her audience.

Upon her arrival in the U.S., Rene has made significant strides in her artistic journey. Her notable group exhibitions include NFT.NYC2023 at Hudson Yards, ‘Shesh شش – Six Contemporary Iranian Artists’ at Studio 200 Gallery, ‘SHAI Nowruz’ in New York, ‘Polyvocality’ at Artaxis and NCECA, and ‘Exposition, Femme.Vie.Liberte.’ in Paris, France. Rene’s work also contributed to ‘In Honor of Mahsa Amini,’ a charitable exhibition at The Union HTX Gallery in Houston, TX. Additionally, she has expanded her creative horizons as a resident artist at SVA Art Residency in New York in 2023.

Through art, Rene’s journey continues to embody her dedication to intercultural understanding and societal empathy.