Sahar Mohammadi

Sahar Mohammadi

The Resonating Voice of Iranian Heritage

Born in Tehran, Iran, Sahar Mohammadi, also known as Sahar Mohammadi Boroujerdi, is a celebrated vocalist who has been making waves in the realm of Persian classical song. Her journey into music began at age 15, with initial lessons in Setar, followed by vocal training from masters like Kaykhosro Pourazeri, Afsaneh Rasayi, and Hamidreza Nourbakhsh. Sahar’s artistry is characterized by her remarkable vocal power and elegant simplicity on stage.

Sahar’s performances have spanned the globe, featuring at renowned music festivals and venues like the Bozar Music Festival, FEZ Music Festival, Theatre de la Ville, and Berlin’s Pierre Boulez Saal. Particularly notable was her “Afsaneh Concert” at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, where her renditions of songs composed by Kaykhosro and Sohrab Pournazeri captivated the audience.

Over the years, Sahar has collaborated with esteemed musicians and bands such as Mah Banoo Band and performed in several famous musical theaters, puppet operas, and documentaries. Her song “the song of the women,” a part of a soundtrack composed by Behzad Abdi and Mahyar Alizadeh, has been published in France. Despite occasional challenges, such as concert interruptions due to hoax bomb threats, Sahar continues to persevere, her voice resonating with the lyrical beauty of Hafez’s poetry and the rich heritage of Iranian traditional music.

Sahar’s most recent performance was a collaboration with Tahmouras Pournazeri for the “Baz Amadam” concert at Saadabad Palace in Tehran. This performance-concert beautifully fused traditional Iranian music, tambour music, and contemporary music with classical and electronic music elements. Each song’s story was visually enhanced by a dance group’s performance, creating a rich sensory tapestry for the audience.

Praised as “one of the young generation’s most talented performers of classical Persian song,” Sahar Mohammadi Boroujerdi is truly an artist who embodies the cultural transmission of knowledge, traditions, and poetry through music.